How to Become an Instagram Influencer

At one point or another, we’ve all been envious of the young, rich, and beautiful stars we see on Instagram every day. The life of an Instagram influencer looks effortlessly luxurious and glamorous. But the truth is, influencers are regular people just like you and me, and with the right opportunities, you can become an Instagram influencer too.

If you’d like to be a full-time Instagram influencer, and get paid to post on Instagram, for real, this blog will change your life. First, let me make one thing clear: If you expect to become Insta-famous overnight, with no real work, then this is not the program for you! While the life of an influencer may appear effortless on the surface, creating content and building a following both take a lot of work. Fortunately, Instagram growth services exist, which make it possible for you to focus solely on content creation.
But first, let’s talk about those Instagram growth services. What is this? An Instagram growth service could mean anything from a full-suite service to botting and even buying fake likes and followers. First, and most importantly, never buy fake likes or followers. Brands who want to promote on Instagram can tell when someone is a fake influencer who buys their audience and has little genuine engagement.

The most effective type of Instagram growth service is the full-suite consultation and automation service. One example of this, Social Genie, has been taking Instagram by storm, finding talented and passionate content creators and helping them gain followers fast. This type of service not only offers targeted automation, but also includes consultation on content creation and business strategies. This is extremely important because with a service like Social Genie taking care of your growth, you should be entirely focused on content creation.

What is good content?

Overall, what makes good content ‘good’ is subjective and varies from page to page. The type of content that one audience enjoys might be boring, offensive, or ugly to someone else. That’s why targeting the right audience is so important when growing your Instagram account. However, there are some universally appealing traits that you should include on your page:

Varied content

When someone views your profile, they quickly form a first impression of you. The overview of your profile should show off varied content to entice the audience. Posting multiple pictures of the same subject, particularly closely together, can be off-putting to potential new followers.

Engaging captions and comments

Posting an engaging caption with your photo can be a great way to generate a buzz on your page. By asking a question or prompting a discussion, more people will be interested in interacting with your content. You can go even further with this by then replying to these comments and further engaging fans.

The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is classic photography advice that can be applied to improve your Instagram content. When you’re taking a picture or video, imagine a 3 x 3 grid overlaid over the subject matter. For the most appealing picture, align the content of your picture with the intersections of the grid.

Find your voice

It’s great to draw inspiration from other creators, but at the end of the day, your followers want to see more of YOU. Never steal or plagiarize someone else’s content, or this could severely damage your brand image. Your unique perspective should be explored and celebrated on your page.

Post consistently

Most Instagram influencers post once per day, with some even posting multiple times per day. While it’s important not to completely overwhelm and flood your followers’ feed, posting consistently is important for building a strong connection with your audience.

When is the best time to post?

Despite the many studies claiming they’ve uncovered the perfect time to post, there is no single universal time that is guaranteed to get you the most visibility. Each unique Instagram audience and time zone has its own peak hours and down time. To figure out the best time for YOU to post, follow these tips and guidelines:

Use Instagram Insights (If you have a business profile)

Instagram Insights is a free and native feature on Instagram for business profiles that helps you track your audience’s demographics and when they are most active. Using Insights makes it easy to see when you should post and which days and times are your most active.

Consider your audience

What type of people do you think would follow you? Are they the type of person who would check their Instagram first thing in the morning before work, or would they be more likely to be active in the evening? Are they more active on weekends or weekdays? Do you know which time zone(s) your audience is likely from? Understanding your audience could be the key to knowing when to post. Instagram growth services like Social Genie can help monitor and analyze your audience.

Experiment posting at different times

The only sure way to find out what works the best for you is to experiment posting at different times and on different days and monitoring the response. Does posting during certain times or days significantly impact your engagement?