Frequently Asked Questions about Automated Instagram Post Service

New to Social Genie?

How exactly does your service work?

We offer Instagram automation services. (Your account will like, comment, and follow other similar users, or users you want to target, non-stop — around the clock.) (Unless you’d like to set time restrictions — We are flexible!) This will cause your account to grow at a steady rate, most users see 200 to 2000 new followers per week depending on their content/plan/set-up!

To take it one step further, We also offer 1-on-1 consulting for those who might need some tips or advice on what type of photos and videos to post. You can even get paired with one of our marketing experts and learn how to take your online business to the next level. (Pro level plans only)

Can I still use my account with your service?

Yes you can. You may continue to use your account as you normally would while our service runs in the background.

Do I get REAL likes and followers?

Yes. Our services help fine-tune your strategy for automation (liking, following, and commenting those who are relevant to you), business (what and how to sell), and content (what and when to post)  in a way that’s custom tailored to suit your goals and objectives. This ensures that the followers you receive are not only real people, but these real people are actually interested in the kind of stuff you post!

Is your service safe?

Yes. Thousands of repeat customers serve as a testament to the safety and security of the services we offer. All information we receive is completely private and 100% secure. All accounts we have manage and will manage are still up and running strong with no issues.

Managing Your Account

How do I pick my hashtags?

That really depends on your goals and objectives! If you’re trying to get the attention of fitness minded people, you can like, comment, or follow users and photos with the hashtag #FitFam. If you’re a single guy looking to get the attention of the opposite sex, you can like photos that have the hashtag #SingleLady. You can even get very specific, and target hashtags like #INeedNewShoes (If you’re selling shoes online, this is a good one!) The choices are endless!

Your account on Social Genie let’s you choose your own hashtags, or select from a list of recommended tags custom tailored to suit your needs!

How do I pick my comments?

This is powerful for businesses and those who want massive exposure. You will automatically leave comments on the photos/videos that are tagged with the hashtags or locations you define. You can even leave comments on people who have visited your business. Ex: Every time someone tags a photo or video at your barbershop, you can automatically comment – “Thanks for visiting us at Fresh Clips! Please mention the code “Fresh10″ for 10% OFF your next haircut!” If you’re an actor, photographer, or model trying to get their name out there, you can comment on all the posts tagged #CastingDirector  – “Great post, check out my portfolio to see more of my work!” This is very effective at getting people’s attention and we will make sure you do it in a way that is as organic as possible without sounding irrelevant or disingenuous.

I want to change my Instagram username

Very importantImmediately after changing your instagram username, you MUST re-authorize your account with us in order to continue your service! You can do this from your account dashboard, or simply contact us and we can continue your service with minimal interruption.

Consulting Services

For premium members

If you are an existing member with either a premium level access or higher, you can receive consulting support via email at

For pro members

If you are an existing member with pro level access, you can schedule a call with us, or chat online with the next available agent!