How to Use Instagram Bots for Success – Not for Spam

Instagram bots tends to have a bad reputation amongst users, but, when they’re programmed efficiently, they are an immensely powerful and safe tool to facilitate fast, natural growth.

What is an Instagram bot?

If you regularly use Instagram, chances are that you have interacted with a bot at some point. Instagram bots automate Instagram actions, giving users the ability to ‘like’, ‘comment’, and ‘follow’ without having to manually complete the task themselves. You may have come across this in the form of a seemingly random page following you or a user leaving generic or possibly inappropriate comments.

Instagram bots are helpful tools because when other users receive a notification that you liked or followed them, they’ll be drawn to your page and are likely to follow you back. Instagram bots are so effective for growing accounts because they allow your account to engage with fans on a scale that just isn’t possible even for the hardest working person. A bot can run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be targeted to interact only with the target audience of your choosing.
What is an Instagram bot?

What kinds of accounts use bots?

The use of Instagram bots is spread far and wide; they’re regularly used by entrepreneurs, actors, models, business owners, make-up artists, or any account that would benefit from increased traffic.

Using an Instagram bot service is not much different than buying a sponsored Instagram post to drive traffic to your page. However, unlike with a sponsored ad, the interactions produced from a bot can come across as natural and organic. When programmed correctly, using a bot won’t look like spam, but like an engaging and active user.

Getting better results with your bot

There are two key variables that come into play when determining the effectiveness of an Instagram bot:

  1. Quality of the Instagram account: Using a bot to draw attention to your page is only effective if your account is appealing to these users. People will be more interested in following your account if you consistently post high-quality, varied content. If the content you post is low-quality, infrequent, or irrelevant, the use of a bot can come across as spammy, and will damage your brand image.
  2. Programming of the bot: A bot can be programmed to only interact with a defined target audience, ensuring that the users you’re interacting with will be interested in your content. Other important filters and settings must be programmed correctly in order to avoid awkward commenting dilemmas and Instagram’s daily limits and ‘shadow bans’.

Getting better results with Instagram bot

Defining a target audience

Defining a target audience is about determining which kind of users would be the most likely to find your account appealing or valuable. What kind of person would be your follower or fan? A bot can be programmed to only interact with users who follow certain usernames, interact with specific hashtags, or tag posts with a particular location. By defining and narrowing down your target audience, you’ll more effectively be able to convert bot actions into follows.

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