As a business owner in any industry, getting your business in front of more people and converting more of them to buyers or clients is definitely a major goal. Does it seem like despite having a great brand, products and services, you aren’t getting a good amount of attention and patronage? There are a few strategies you implement to solve that, ranging from traditional marketing approaches like flyers to the latest and greatest social media marketing methods. The latter is almost certain to be a better choice for you, since it costs way less, is constantly expanding in reach and is sure to give you much better results, especially if your customers are younger people.

With Instagram being the fastest growing social network, it’s the right place to focus your efforts on if you want to get your company on the map and rack up sales quickly, which is why Social Genie has crafted various solutions to help you on your way to brand stardom.

If you’re wondering how exactly a boosted social media presence will help your business, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Benefits of Great Social Media Presence

The first thing you’ll notice is that your brand will begin to be established as an authority in your niche, drawing more people to check out your page, website and other marketing materials on their way to becoming customers.

Ask yourself – Between a brand page that looks deserted and one that’s full of posts, likes and customer comments, which one are you likely to trust more and buy from? Of course, it’s the second one! There’s a natural tendency to associate popularity with quality, so when people see a page with little or no followers, they assume that something must be wrong with your products and services, which is why other people aren’t patronizing you or talking about their experience doing so.

In addition, building your presence on social media will make it easy for people to find you when they’re looking for the services you offer. Recent studies have shown that up to 70% of people buy from brands they follow on Instagram. The implication of this is that if you have more people following you, you’ll appear in more people’s feeds and get shared more often. That exposure will bring your brand in front of more potential buyers and when combined with the credibility of having a sizable following, you can be sure of increased conversions and revenue.

Strategies to Boost your Social Media Presence

Now that the benefits are clear, how do you go about building your social media presence? There are quite a few methods, all of which are important and will have a big impact. In the past, you would have had to devote a lot of your own time or hire someone, but Social Genie has consolidated all the tools you need into a neat plug-and-play package using advanced automation software that’s optimized for maximum gains in the shortest possible time-frame. In addition, the automated process is overseen by experts with decades of experience in digital marketing, ensuring that everything is on track and even providing personalized advice whenever you need it.

Targeted followers are the most crucial component of any social media strategy, and that’s the primary focus of the Social Genie service. Targeted followers are those that already have interests aligned with your brand and who are more likely to buy from you as a result. With Social Genie’s Instagram follower booster service, you’ll be able to select criteria such as location, hashtags used, other people and brands they follow and many others. This way, your campaign will be tailored toward getting only followers that are likely to engage with your brand in various ways, and with Social Genie capable of attracting thousands of followers on a weekly basis, even a relatively low conversion rate will pay back the cost and make you a lot more money very quickly.

How Social Genie Stands Out

Many other services that claim to attract followers provide fake follower, leaving you with a high follower count but no engagement on your posts. Apart from the fact that most people will quickly spot that as an anomaly and realize what you’ve done (thereby losing you any credibility you might have gained) it puts your account in danger when Instagram begins its regular clean-ups of fake and cheating accounts. So how does Social Genie differ, you might ask.

First, Social Genie’s system will have your account follow people who meet the criteria you set, like their photos and comment on them in a fully natural and likable way. The result of that will be that people will naturally want to follow back, and when they do so, you’ll have already built a connection that they’ll continue to remember and appreciate.

The second crucial aspect of Social Genie’s campaigns is that there’s a transparent and comprehensive reporting process that’ll give you a breakdown of how your account has performed on a weekly basis. You’ll be able to see how many followers you gained and how your posts did in terms of likes and other kinds of engagement by your followers. The insights you gain from the reports will help you fine-tune your strategy by yourself and with the guidance of Social Genie’s experts whom you can reach via email or phone calls to discuss your content and overall business strategy.

Ultimately, the Social Genie suite of services and tools for Instagram business development is all you need to have to make your brand stand out among all the other millions on the internet. If done well, you’ll be able to establish your brand and an authority in your industry and the go-to place for all the products and services you offer. All it’ll take is consistent application of the tools available from Social Genie and when you consider the fact that you can try the service for 3 days COMPLETELY FREE, it’s certainly something you have to do. Since you have nothing to lose and social media stardom and business growth to gain, what are you waiting for?