New Recommended Settings

We want you to get the most out of Social Genie. Please use our Recommended Settings to ensure you get the best performance.

Mimic natural activity

  • Use only 1-2 actions at a time (Likes, Comments, Follows, Unfollows)
  • Use the Normal or Slow Speed only
  • Use the Schedule to randomize your Activity (don’t run it 24/7) – Ask a Social Genie Rep to configure your schedule.
  • Use 20+ short, generic Comments (if using Comments)
  • Don’t use the same exact Settings on multiple accounts
  • Change your Settings frequently

Don’t use restrictive Settings.

  • Don’t use Min/Max Filters. Set them all to 0.
  • Don’t use Media Age Newest
  • Don’t use Likers/Commenters under Targeting

Why you should use the recommended settings

Instagram is constantly working to rid their platform of spam. For this reason, we recommend that you use Social Genie in a way that appears as natural and organic as possible.


Don’t use the exact same Settings on multiple usernames. This is especially important regarding Comments. Do not use the same list of Comments on more than 1 account you’re managing.

Additionally, using restrictive Settings can really hinder your activity on Social Genie. An example is using both Min and Max Filters. If you use a Min Filter of 500 and a Max Filter of 1000, there’s not going to be a lot of media for you to interact with. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Use the Recommended Settings.

Why it’s important to use non-spammy comments

Spam comments are another frequent offender. Posting the same comments is a huge red flag. It’s especially a red flag if you use the same comments on many accounts.

This is why we recommend using at least 20 short, generic comments, and changing those comments every few weeks or months. It’s not best practice to keep the same set of comments and use them forever. You’ll eventually get blocked for spam.

Some bad examples of spam comments. What NOT to do

These comments are all strings of emoji. And, they’re only using 6 comments total, instead of 20+

These comments are all incredibly spammy and very long. Please do not use these types of comments.

A good example of non-spammy comments

Now, check out these Comments. We’ve added over 20 comments. They’re short, generic and unique. Plus, we didn’t only use emojis or promotional language.

Change your Settings

We often hear from users who say, “But, I’ve been using these exact same Settings for years! Why am I having issues now?” Please bear in mind that Instagram is making frequent updates to their platform. Our recommended settings are the most up to date recommendations to keep your account safe so that you can get the most out of Social Genie.

It is best practice to change your Settings every so often. It is not a good idea to keep the exact same Settings for months or years. We have found that changing your Targeting (Tags, Locations, Usernames) can be quite helpful in interacting with new users. Keeping your Targeting fresh will help your account continue to reach new audiences.

Example Targeting Plan

Here’s an example to help you think about your own targeting plans for the usernames you manage.

Let’s say the username we’re managing is a cat account targeting cat lovers. We’re going to change the Targeting every week in this example so that you can get a brief overview of just how robust Targeting with Social Genie can be, and how many options you really have!

Week 1: Targeting popular cat tags

For the first week, we decided to target popular cat hashtags. You can find Tags easily by using the Search tool on the Tags popup on Social Genie.

Week 2: Targeting more niche cat Tags

For the second week, we wanted to target less popular and more niche cat tags. This takes a little bit more digging using the Tags search tool. A Google search can help in this area, or perusing cat accounts to see what hashtags they use.

Week 3: Targeting the followers of popular cat accounts

For week 3, we wanted to switch from Tags to targeting the Followers of usernames. In order to find the most popular cat Instagram accounts, a simple Google search will lead you in the right direction. Then, just add those usernames to Social Genie.


When switching to targeting Usernames, you may want to turn Tags and other methods off, so you can just focus on this one method.

Week 4: Targeting American pet shoppers

For the next week, we decided to target Locations in the U.S. A simple search for Petsmart will show you the Petsmart locations in your area. You can also enter other places that animal lovers would frequent, such as kennels, dog washing stores, vets, etc.


Targeting by Locations is actually targeting Instagram users who have tagged their photo with a location.


Don’t forget to click Start to apply the changes.

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