These People Tried Instagram Automation to Get Followers and the Results Are Amazing

If you’ve tried to grow your Instagram account on your own, you know that getting new followers involves a ton of manual work. Of course you need to make good content, but you also need to get your account noticed — And how do you do that?

Following other users, liking posts, and leaving comments are all great ways to draw attention to your page, but this can be extremely time-consuming. With Instagram automation, your account is able to like, follow, and comment all on its own, so you don’t have to.

Social Genie is the #1 recommended Instagram growth service for any kind of account — businesses, influencers, charitable causes, content sharing, and more.

Below are the success stories and results of three real Social Genie users.



Growth (So Far): 111.6K Followers


Canvas Cultures is an online art store that sells beautiful canvas pieces created by artists from around the world. Since their business is entirely online, having a good social media presence is vitally important.



When Canvas Cultures first signed up for Social Genie, their Instagram account had 15.4K followers. Once automation started running, they quickly began seeing results, and after just a few months they reached 127K followers.



On average, Canvas Cultures is now receiving 200-300 new followers per day. They have reported seeing an increase in organic sales on their website referred by Instagram.



Growth (1 month): 9.4K Followers


Luke Boehm is an incredible kid living with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, a genetic condition characterized by dramatic, rapid aging. Luke’s dad runs an Instagram account that tells Luke’s story and spreads awareness of his condition. Social Genie donated a month of automation services to Luke’s family, and the results were extraordinary.



Before the campaign, @lukes_dad78 only had 1,643 followers. After only one month of automation, the account had grown to 11K followers — that’s more than 300 followers per day!



As the Instagram account became more popular, donations to Luke’s charity started increasing. Soon, Luke’s dad had access to news stations and press outlets in his local area, leading to even more notoriety. Luke’s dad was able to spread awareness of his cause, connect with likeminded individuals for support, and increase his donations.



Growth (So Far): 24.9K Followers


Sebastian is an adorable Maine Coon cat that really knows how to attract a crowd with his cute content. When @hello.sebastian first signed up for Social Genie , the account had 2.3K followers; today, Sebastian has more than 27.2K followers.



Over the course of several months, Sebastian’s Instagram account gained around 150 followers per day, for a total growth of nearly 25K followers.




Starting automation on your Instagram account is easy and free (for the first three days) with Social Genie.


Social Genie is the #1 Instagram growth service on the market for two simple reasons:

  1. Social Genie is a managed service — meaning Instagram experts (real-life people) set up your automation and targeting for you for the best possible results.
  2. The automation technology used by Social Genie is the fastest, safest, and most efficient software available.


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