When using Unfollow as one of your Actions, you can also customize your Activity with the Unfollow settings.

Unfollow source

By default your Unfollow source set to Social Genie to unfollow all users who had been followed by our service. When using this option the users will be unfollowed in chronological order (first-in-first-out).

However, you also have the ability to unfollow all of your followings using Unfollow source: All. If you turn on Don’t unfollow my followers option along with your unfollow action, you will be able to unfollow those people who did not follow you back.

Important information

If using Social Genie option, Unfollow will start from your oldest followings to newest ones. If using All option, Unfollow will start from newest followings because of Instagram ordering mechanism.

Unfollow cycle

Set your Unfollow cycle as the number of accounts you’d like Social Genie to unfollow on your behalf before switching to the Follow cycle.

Important information

In order to use the Follow and Unfollow cycles, you’ll need to have both Follow and Unfollow turned on in your Actions.

Don’t unfollow my followers

Check this box so that Social Genie only unfollows users who aren’t following you back.

Important information

Using this setting may slightly slow down your Social Genie Activity, as it may take our system longer to find these users depending on how many users you follow.

Still have questions? Then check out our blog post about Follow & Unfollow at the same time. You are welcomed to share any thoughts about this feature in the comments.

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